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Chara Dasa (Raghava Bhatta - Nrisimha Suri method)

Om Namah Sivaya

This month I am introducing Chara dasa (Raghava Bhatta – Nrisimha Suri method). Fortunately, of late JHora comes with Chara dasa of Rangacharya variation which is based on this method.

Jaimini Chara Dasa calculation is entirely different according to the rare Jaimini works Jataka Sara Sangrha, Sutrartha Parkasika. The pecularity of this method lies in Raghava Bhatta's application of "Swasthe Daraha", "Sutasthe Janma" sutras to calculation of dasa years. In this method if the lord of dasa rasi is in 7th from it, then dasa years will be 10 years. And also the starting dasa sign will be different for female natives. Sri Iranganti Rangacharya’s “Jaimini Sutramritam” is the only available commentary, which is largely based on above cited works. Of course, Rangacharya also gave a number of slokas from Kalpalatha of Somanath Mishra and Phala Ratnamala of Krishna Mishra and others

The following works are mainly based on Jaimini Sutras

  1. Jyotisha Phala Ratnamaala by Krishna Mishra, the best for predictive part of Jaimini, fortunately available in printed form with Madras Oriental Library, Chennai, India. Jyotisha
  2. Kalpa Latha by Somanatha Mishra
  3. Jataka Sara Sangraha By Raghava Bhatta, the best work on Jaimini for Rasi Dasas, IMHO
  4. Sutrartha Prakasika By Akumalla Nrisimha Suri
  5. Laxmana Vakya
  6. Jaimini Sutrartha Vakya by Nrisimha Daivagna
  7. Vanchanaadeyam By Vanchanada deals Arudha Padas extensively
  8. Jataka Rajeeyam by Singanarya
  9. Other commentaries by Neelakantha, Venkatesa, Bala Krishnananda Saraswati
  10. A work by Sarvajna Muni, whom Krishna Mishra frequently quotes in his Phala Ratnamala.
  11. Jaimini Padyamritam, by Durga Prasada Dwivedi, very important work since it contains most of the Vriddha Karika slokas
  12. Jaimini Sutra (Jataka Narayaneeyam) By Sri Vadrevu Suryanarayana Murthy
  13. Jaimini Sutramritam By Sri Iranganti Rangacharya, the best of all commentaries available in Print
  14. Gautama Samhita, a minor work on Arudha Padas
  15. Brihaspatha Samhita deals with mixing up Parasari and Jaimini concepts

Since, both Jataka Sara Sangraha and Sutrartha Prakasika are not available to public except some privileged astrologers of traditional paramparas, I tried to cull out the rules from various resources available. The net result is two versions, one followed by Sri Iranganti Rangacharya and the other by the astrological software called Jaimini Light by MindSutra.com.

I have explained below the methods and subtle differences between these two methods at appropriate places. Please go through them and try yourself.

Chara Dasa Sequence

  1. Chara Dasa always start from Lagna for male charts
  2. For female charts
    • if lagna is odd, starting dasa rasi is 4th sign zodiacally from lagna
    • if lagna is even, starting dasa rasi is 4th sign anti zodiacally from lagna, that is 10th sign from lagna zodiacally
  3. For both male and female charts, the dasa sequences is forward or reverse according to oddity of lagna, not the oddity of Starting dasa sign.
  4. Chara Dasa progresses Zodiacal or Anti Zodiacal depending on the Odd or Even nature of Lagna, respectively. For Example, if Lagna is Aries, Dasa sequence is Ar, Ta,Ge,Cn etc. If Lagna is Cancer, Dasa sequence is Cn,Ge,Ta,Ar etc.
  5. Maha Dasa Rasis are determined by Padakrama order

· Movable Signs regular from Lagna

· Fixed Signs every 6th sign from Lagna

· Dual Signs Trines, that is 1, 5, 9, 2, 6, 10…. From Lagna

****Please note in the above sequence for dual signs, after 9th , the next dasa rasi is 2nd from lagna not 10th from lagna (This is very important since 10th is followed in Narayana Dasa)

Calculation of Maha Dasa Years

1. If Lord of dasa sign is in dasa sign itself, the dasa years equal to 12 years.

2. The lord of Scorpio is Mars and lord of Aquarius is Saturn. Not necessary to consider Rahu, Ketu.

3. Exaltation and Debilitation of planets need not to be considered.

Iranganti Rangachary method

For Male charts

· If the lord of dasa sign is in odd sign, count from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign zodiacally , both sign including

· If the lord of dasa sign is in even sign, count from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign anti zodiacally , both sign including

For Female charts

· If the dasa sign is odd sign, count from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign zodiacally both sign including - 1

· If thedasa sign is even sign, count from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign anti zodiacally , both sign including – 1

· If Lord of Dasa sign (Paka sign) is 7th sign from dasa sign, the dasa years will be 10.

Please note, for female charts, the count depends on the oddity of dasa sign

MindSutra method

For both Male charts and Female charts

  • If the lord of dasa sign is in odd sign, count from from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign zodiacally , both sign including - 1
  • If the lord of dasa sign is in even sign, count from from lord of dasa sign (Paka sign) to dasa sign anti zodiacally , both sign including –1
  • If Lord of Dasa sign (Paka sign) is 7th sign from dasa sign, the the dasa years will be 10.
  • If Lord of Dasa sign (Paka Sign) is in the dasa sign itself, the dasa years will be 12.

Calculation of Antara Dasas in Maha Dasa

Sri Rangacharya didn’t explain the calculation of antaradasas either in his “Jaimini Sutramritam” or “A Manual of Jaimini Astrology”. But, from the interaction with him, I learnt how to calculate Antaradasas. He explained that AD are to be calculated treating Mahadasa sign as lagna and, using the padakrama according to the nature of signs, that is Movable, Fixed, Dual.

Rangacharya method

· For both male and female charts, Antara Dasas always start from dasa sign

· Prakriti chakra Padakrama order must be followed according to the dasa sign.

· The number of Antaradasas will be equal to 12 and duration of each AD is equal to Dasa years divided by 12.

Mind Sutra method
Astrologers at MindSutra software modified the calculation of antaradasas since they feel keeping AD duration always equal to one year is more logical and works better. Similarly the Pratyantaradasas will be 12 and each duration equals to one month.

· Antaradasas start from the rasi occupied by lord of dasa sign (Paka Sign) and progress Zodiacally or anti – Zodiacally according to the oddity of Paka Sign (sign occupied by lord)

· Antaradasas are always regular, that is Padakrama order not to be followed

· The No. of antaradasas are equal to the No of Dasa years. That means, the dasa rasi having 12 years duration only will get 12 antaradasas.

For example if dasa rasi is Taurus and Lord Venus is in Virgo, then the dasa years will be 4 and the Antaradasas are Vi, Le, Cn, Ge.

Dasa Anyasis

I recommend readers to study "Timing Events using various Jaimini Rasi Dasas" article by D.K.Sen of MindSutra.com. That article, very exhaustively explains the rules with a live exmaple upto Antaradasa level.


And also, please go through the references given below


  1. Jaimini Sutramritam By Sri Iranganti Rangacharya (Sanskrit and English commentary)
  2. Timing Events using various Jaimini Rasi Dasas by D.K.Sen of MindSutra.com
  3. 1999 Annual issue of THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE, page 60,61,62
  4. A Manual of Jaimini Astrology by Iranganti Rangacharya, M/s Sagar Publications

P.S: The next post will be a definite surprise to all of us which cracks the notion of Jaimini knowledge is available with only one parampara. Yes, I am going to introduce you all a wonderful reference on Chara Dasa and after reading that we all will be astonished as to how a special dasa was designed in the name of Lord Vishnu.

Seeking Blessings



Acharya Balram said...

Dear Shanmukha ji

I don't know what word should i use in praise of you. Just amazing.

Thanx once again for blog.


Acharya Balram said...

Dear Shanmukhji

I hope you might have read the Chara dasa calculation written by KN Rao. I think his version is based on Neelakantha as i remember he somewhere mentioned Neelakanth in his works. Now with different versions, all jaimini followers shall be benefitted as they can try at their own end and find out which method works better. What's your opinion ?


Shanmukha said...

Om Namah Sivaya

Dear Balaram Ji,

Please wait for the next post. As I wrote, you will get much authentic information on Chara Dasa from the magnum opus Kalpalatha.

Yes, K.N.Rao Ji's Chara dasa is based on Neelakantha Version, which doesn't use Padakrama order.

I find Raghava Bhatta method works well. Of course, IMHO.


astrojyotish said...

Dear shanmukha

Excellent post showing differences in chara dasha.

I hope we will soon find the correct chara dasha which jaimini rishi had on his mind while writing the sutras which gives the results of the chara dasha,

Waiting for next post as an astrostudent and devotee of Lord vishnu


sun22 said...

Dear Shanmukha

Thanks for the article on chara dasa. You along with the Saptarishi astrology people have been doing a fantastic job in spreading astrological knowledge.

Regarding using jaimini system in practice, problem is that there are so many dasas that it becomes very difiicult to apply them in practice. On top of that each dasa has so many variations. In this regard can you kindly shed some light on the following:

1. As per late B.V. Raman, Chara dasa was the preferential dasa in jaimini system somewhat akin to Vimshottari in Parasara system. What does Kalpalata, Jataka sara sangraha, phala ratnamala, etc say regarding this.

2. Somewhere I read (possibly saptarishi astrology magazine), that there are different ways of allocation of antardasa duration in jaimini system. Other than division of dasa in 12 equal antardasas and division of dasa such as atmakaraka dasa in 9 antardasas(not sure if divisions are equal or unequal), I am not aware of other ways of division. Can you kindly shed some light on this.

Please do keep on writing such articles.

Shanmukha said...


Yes, There are many variations and difficuilt to understand. I myself decided to devote my life to this Jaimini system and request you all try to be patient with this system since it's been hidden for centuries. It needs to be discovered. The amount of effort that was put by gaints like My guru, Dk Sen, Madhura Krishanamurthy and Vemuri Ramasastri, Sanjay Rath and many more, need to be carried forward by all of us.

Yes, Chara Dasa is ageneral purpose dasa as advocated by BV Raman, but it shall be kept in mind that all Jaimini dasas are conditional.
Please refer to the article "Jaimini system - Over View" by Madhura Krishna Murthy in the current issue of Saptarishis magazine for the view of Kalpaltha about Chara Dasa.

This Chara Dasa intro was written by me a couple of months back and I will update this with somemore info like how starting from Lagna and padakrama was explained in the concerned sutra.

IMHO, the AD calculation, I wrote in the lists for the first time. Yes, there are many calculations like Navamsa, Drekkana, Dwadasamsa etc. which was effectively used by Sri D.K.Sen.

Kindly remember I am a student.


Anand Chiney said...

Dear Shanmukha,

Nice articles... really....
Also need a post...would be most appreciated...on a topic... which would tell students how to start with Jaimini principles....

As many of us are spoiled through parampara... Now want to get rid off the parampara...

Such a new topic including the ways, books, concept on how to go ahead with Jaimini would be appreciated...

Have a nice day

Rahul Anand,Jaipur said...

I hope you should read the Chara Dash Calculation written by K.N.Rao.And also talk to my astrology guru Sri Shakti Mohan Singh Ji,he has been working with Chara dash for more than twenty years.If you want his contact number,please contact rahulanand6060@gmail.com.
Thanks and keep it.

Shanmukha said...

Dear Sri Rahul,

I read Sri K.N.Rao's Chara Dasa Calculation. It is an off-shoot of Neelakantha Chara Dasa. Many people find Neelakantha Chara Dasa working well, including my guru Sri Rangacharya.
The purpose of this blog is to introduce the other resources on Jaimini System.

Perhaps Raghava Bhatta is the only commentator, whoc explained Jaimini dasas (of course Ayurdasas) with examples.

Thank you for you offer. I have been very busy with my new responsibilities at Office. Thus, I am not able to allot much time for my astrological studies and that's why I am not able to update this blog frequently. I will add you in my contact list and contact you soon.


U K Jha said...

Dear Shanmukha,
You might have read my essay on chara Dasa published in SA wherein I have raised few issues on logical grounds. I had to hold the publication of concluding part of that essay on account of unmentionable reasons.
I know you are an able student of Mahamahopadhyaya Iranganti Rangacharya Jee. You are also making appreciable efforts to weed out the irrational suppositions found in classical texts.
What is your personal opinion on the points raised by me in the said essay? Was there more than one method of computation of Chara Dasa in the mind of composer of the sutras of JUS? Then why so many different methods of computation? Why one should not try to dig out the correct method of computing the Chara Dasa dealt in JUS? Where, when and how the application of sutra Dwiteeyam bhavabalam charanavamshe can be fitted in all the suggested methods?
K N Rao talks too much about use of Chara Karaka. But how to work them out? If Saturn or Jupiter is at; say, 29degree in a sign it would continue to remain Atma Karaka for most of the births taking place in a week or fortnight. Does it not look odd? It must change frequently; even on the same day. I have been raising this point alone. Have you given a thought over it?
U K Jha

Shanmukha said...

Namaste Sri U.K.Jha,

I am delighted to have a post from you. It's a blessing on me. Though I have a difference of opinion on your interpretation of Jaimini Sutras, you are a Guru Tulya for me.

Yes, I read your article on Jaimini Chara Dasa in SA Magazine. In fact, I was going through a very rough time during that time and could not concentrate on my astro studies. Now, I am slowly coming into the groove.

The points raised by you are valid and must be thought of every student of Jaimini Astrology. I will get back to you with my answers shortly.

Jaydeepsinh V Rathod said...

Dear friend,

Greetings on the ocassion of Makar Sankranti!

I am searching for an english translation of Jyotisha Phala Ratnamala of Krishna Mishra.

Unfortunately, I am unable to download the file available on www.saptarishisastrology.com

I would be very grateful if you can tell me from where the book might be available.

Shanmukha said...

Dear Sri Rathod,

Jyotish Phalaratnamala with English translation is not available.

IF everything goes well, it would be published soon.

Telugu translation of it was done by Sri Iranganti Rangacharya and published by him last year.


Nandini said...

Please write a post on padanatha amsa dasa calculation. Thank you so much.

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