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Chara Dasa (RB-NS), A Supplement

श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः
śrī gurubhyo namaH

As a supplement, I explain the Chara Dasa according to Raghava Bhatta method and how it fits in the concerned Jaimini Sutra. It is based on my Guru Sri Iranganti Rangacharya’s work Jaimini Sutramritam.

The concerned sutra reads as follows.

पंचमे पदक्रमात् प्राक् प्रत्यक्त्वम् चर दशायां
pamcame padakramāt prāk pratyaktvam cara daśāyām


The word पंचम consists of three single lettered words प, च and म.
पं = लग्न (pam = Katapayadi Numeric Value gives Lagna)
= A weapon and the weapon used by Sri Maha Vishnu is Chakra.
चमे = चकार पूर्वक मकार (came = cakāra pūrvaka makāra)

According to मध्यमपद लोपि कर्मधारय समास (madhyamapada lopi karmadhāraya samāsa), the word Chame indicates Chakram. Now, which Chakra is used? The answer lies in another sutra प्राची वृत्तिर्विषमेषु (prācī vrttirvishameshu) indicating the prakriti chakra shall be used in this case. I have explained about this Prakriti chakra in SA Volume 6. Hence, it is deduced this Chara dasa runs according to the Prakriti of Lagna.

पदक्रमात् (padakramāt) , the dasa runs according to padakrama order. This is very important rider here. Neelakantha interprets this as Pada of signs that is Vishama Pada and Sama Pada which was also authenticated by Vriddha Karikas. Yet, in this variation Pada Krama order means the following.
  • For Chara Rasis: Regular Rasi order
  • For Sthira Rasis: Every 6th sign
  • For Ubhaya Rasis: Trine movement (1,5,9,2,6,10,3,7,11,4,8,12)

Now, the words प्राक् प्रत्यक् (prāk pratyak) must be deciphered. Here, comes the importance of Sanskrit knowledge and the Vedanta literature. The proper antonym of प्रत्यक् (pratyak) is पराक् (parāk). Raghava Bhatta used the word पराक् (parāk) instead of प्राक् (prāk). The katapayadi numeric yields

पराक् = 121 / 12 gives the remainder as 1.
प्रत्यक् = 211 /12 gives the remainder as 4.

So, the dasa starts from Lagna in case of male natives and from the fourth house for female natives. Now, how to reckon 4th house for female natives? The answer lies in the word चमे, which means according to the Prakriti chakra. For example, for a female natives if lagna is Virgo (even sign) the dasa starts from the forth house rekoned anti-zodiacally i.e Gemini. But the dasa runs according to the oddity of the Janma Lagna, not the oddity of the start sign as the first word पंचमे indicate.

In summarizing, we can deduce that Chara dasa starts from Lagna for male and from 4th house for female according to oddity of Lagna and in the order of Prakriti Chakra Padakrama order.

Dasa Years Calculation:

Raghava Bhatta always interprets the Swaste vaara, Suthaste Janma sutras for dasa calculation and if the dasa lord in its 7th of dasa sign gives 10 years and if in the same house 12 years, which is the pecularity of all the phalita dasas dealt by him.

Kindly remember he used swasthe Vaara, not daara which makes a lot of difference. This is culled from the manuscript available with us.

In this version, he used Pratyak Varsha Gananam, which is reverse to the normal Naadhanta Sama Prayena rule by using the Na kwachit adhikara sutra. Hence, the calculation of dasa years will be from lord to the sign, which is reverse to the normal course.

My interpretation:

Though grammatically not correct, I understand the word पंचमे consists another meaning प (1), च (6) and म (5). That is for movable signs the movement will be every next sign (प =1), for fixed signs the movement will be every 6th sign (च = 6) and for dual signs, the movement will be (म = 5).

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Acharya Balram said...

Dear Shanmukhaji
A wonderful supplement. Thanx for it. I request you to please give at least one practical example either of male or female for better clarity with justifying some events of the native. Expecting more from your side.


సత్య నారాయణ శర్మ said...

నాగెశ్వర రావు గారు, మె బ్లాగు చూచి సంతోషం కలిగింది. మీరు రంగాచార్య గారి సిష్యులని చెప్పారు. మరీ సంతొషం కలిగింది. మీకు వీలయినప్పుడు నా బ్లాగు దర్శించండి
సత్యనారాయణ శర్మ

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